Ginger Reddington is an artist currently working out of her home studio in Twisp, Washington located in the Methow Valley. She developed a seven step process using acrylic paints, 3-D outline and waxes. The paintings have a depth, movement and jewel-like quality to the color that make them truly unique. It is a very physical process and gives her the opportunity to work on several paintings at the same time.

Ginger is a Washington native and has been an Art Educator throughout Washington State. She and her husband, Don, spend as much time as possible out of doors and in the mountains usually on the back of a horse.

In addition to the works available on this site, her paintings are on display at the Twisp River Pub in Twisp, WA, in various other exhibits regionally and at her studio in Twisp. Paintings currently range from $200 to $800 and range from 8 x 24 inches to 4 feet x 8 feet. Commissions are very welcome.

I am not a writer but have lots of adventures and stories to tell  thus my paintings are my pages. As in my life I must have humor, so you will see it in a paintings or just a title.  Sometimes with bright colors and subject matter, I will make a statement. My husband has been a great source of encouragement and support for my work. He is my favorite model too!